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The Yazamut Team

  • LinkedIn Carmel sofer

My personal goal is to provide students and researchers alike with a wide variety of tools and skills to connect with the business community

Chairman of Yazamut 360° Entrepreneurship Center

By forming Yazamut 360° we offer our students an educational experience. Thus offering them new skills while preparing for the day they graduate and show their CVs to potential employers.

Head of Entrepreneurship

  • LinkedIn Dana Gavish

I'm all about creativity-oriented thinking and bringing ideas to market

Head of Venture Builder "Oazis"

  • LinkedIn Michel Assayag
  • LinkedIn Julia Sagalin

I love bringing ideas to life, especially ones that make a social impact, and collaborations are the key to do so

CEO "Oazis"

I've seen my share of academic programs and set out to create one no one have seen before

Head of Academic Programs

  • LinkedIn Gadi Bahat
  • LinkedIn Or Santo

I'm first and foremost an entrepreneur, then I'm a strategist, an academician and a husband

Director of Growth and Development

Students are at the perfect stage in their lives to develop a startup – we are young, usually without a lot of commitments, and we  dream big

General Manager 

"Cactus Capital"

  • LinkedIn Roy Kimchi

All the big "Unicorns" like Facebook and Google came from some campus, no reason why you can't be next

Head of Operations

"Cactus Capital"

  • LinkedIn Danielle Hardonag
  • LinkedIn Mia vorobenko

MARCOM Manager

I love everything about marketing – following trends, crafting strategy, writing copy, but mostly the pretty pictures

Project Coordinator

I love crossing tasks from my to-do list; next up - B.A in economy

  • LinkedIn Arava Refael

Communities & Digital Manager

"Providing actual value in your product is better than the most creative marketing idea in the world." And thankfully, that`s what we do. 

  • LinkedIn Shir Levy
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Operations Coordinator

The wisdom in problem solving is creativity we as students always strive forward.  Aim for the moon.  If you miss, you may hit a star

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  • LinkedIn Tamir Elazar

Oazis Project Coordinator

I believe that everything is for the best and that no matter what  you should  always keep moving  forward

COO "Oazis"

I believe that when you have the right team and work in an accurate process you can make ideas into reality

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  • LinkedIn Bat El Hajbi
We're Here for You

See all these awesome people behind Yazamut 360°?

Each and every one of us is here for you, only a form away :-)

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