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Women in High-Tech

Yesterday (Sunday 23th of December) the 20-80 forum, the student community of the industrial engineering department, had held its annual Women in High-Tech conference.

Forum 20-80: Women in High-Tech Conference

Did you know only 30% of the students in the STEM subjects are women? This hasn't stopped these 4 inspiring women from clearing their way to the top and share their success stories with the next generation.


  • Maayan Kalujny - formerly data analyst at Waze, and now a Growth Marketing Analyst at Facebook. Maayan is a specialist in Data Science and Product Management.

  • Anat Goren - Anat rose to the position of VP RND at Teva and currently serves as the CEO of ALU"T.

  • Adi Nesher - for the past 6 year, Adi has been working at PayPal and today she s the chief administrator of the Data Science division. Before PayPal, Adi worked in the field of Advance Analytics in Intel, for 3 years.

  • Hila Peled - the Vice President of the startup company "Sagarmatha" and formerly a lecturer on Data-Bases. Sagarmatha operates in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Mining.

These 4 outstanding women came to answer brutally honest questions about women in a men's world. They left nothing uncovered - tips on how to get the job, their thoughts on a Master's degree, career advice, personal experience and more.

They were met by 80 female students of the 20-80 forum of the department of industrial engineering. It's been no less than enlightening.

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