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WE: Women Entrepreneurship

Do you know what most successful women entrepreneurs have in common?










You’re here to get your academic degree; have you considered a career as an entrepreneur?

Keren Hod does. Keren is a 4th year student for Industrial Engineering and Management, up until last year she wanted to graduate her degree and get a good job, then she signed to the Google-BGU competition “Students Innovating in the Public Sector”, where she had a revelation, this is her story:

“I signed up to the competition because it reignited my interest in entrepreneurship. The participants were asked to come up with an idea to improve public services, thus “EasyAccess” was born – an app which maps all the accessible places for people with disabilities.

Week in and week out we worked on our development, visited startups and accelerators for inspiration – Google launchpad, Zell (IDC’s entrepreneurship center) and the more we visited, the more obvious it became that the percentage of women in the field is way less than 50%, in some cases there were no women at all. I found it unacceptable!

Once I was done with the competition, I decided to promote entrepreneurship as a career path, for my fellow female-students”

Keren approached us, at “Yazamut 360°”, and pitched the idea of “WE” course (WE: Women Entrepreneurship) <- which is a very entrepreneurial thing to do 😊

And now we want to invite you, female-students, to take your first steps in this exciting world, with “WE” (I mean us 😉) - a unique 7-session course which will provide you with the tools you need to begin.

For more info, check out WE’s Facebook page >> https://www.facebook.com/WE-337037383689084/

Take a look at the curriculum << https://quedma.xtensio.com/vribu8qb

For more info, contact Keren @ hodk@post.bgu.ac.il

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