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JUMP – Will Take You from BGU to the Front Page of Forbes

Here’s a relatable scenario – you’re walking, your head’s in your phone; next thing you know - you’re horizontal on the floor. Long story short – trip -> fall -> pain -> more pain -> doctors -> physiotherapy.

Apparently, physical therapy is one of the most effective ways to deal with orthopedic injuries. But do people persevere going? No, they don’t! The endless waiting for available appointments, the getting out of work and the bureaucracy, for many, are harder to deal with than the pain, so sure enough – they stop going.

A team of BGU students identified the struggles of hundreds of the patients in need of physiotherapy and brought the healing process to the 21st century, with VR technology – thus, founding VR Health.

VR Health brings physio therapy to your home via a set of VR goggles in a fun and interactive way. Through customized gameplays you perform the otherwise repetitive and boring exercises and receive personalized feedback. It’s fun, it’s available, it’s in your home and it’s the future!

Read more on FORBES >> https://www.forbes.com/VRHEALTH

Today, VR health has already raised 5,000,000$ in investments; but only three years ago they were newbies in the world of entrepreneurship, and so they signed up to JUMP – an acceleration program for students in Beer-Sheva, powered by Starter.

When you first dip your tows in the ocean of entrepreneurship it could be overwhelming – so much to know, so little room for mistakes. JUMP accelerator is specifically designed to provide you with quality and accessible information to advance you quickly over the learning curve, by providing expert mentoring, business and tech counseling, skill development seminars, the opportunity to pitch to investors and so much more.

So, if you can see your idea on the front page of Forbes, but no clue where to start - start with JUMP.

Sign up here >> http://bit.ly/Jump-2019

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