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Bayer, Netafim and Ben-Gurion University are to Collaborate

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Bayer, Netafim and Ben-Gurion University to collaborate on the integration of digital tools for optimizing drip irrigation of the Nematicide Velum™

Perhaps one of the most identified inventions with the state of Israel, is the revolutionary drip irrigation system. "Netafim" corporation introduced the first system back in 1959 and changed the world of agriculture - the modern drip irrigation has arguably become the world's most valued innovation in agriculture since the sprinkles.

You'd think not much could be revolutionized in this brilliant straight-forward system - you'd be wrong! Netafim hasn't stopped innovating since then.

Yesterday (06.02.19), Bayer, Netafim and BGN Technologies, announced at the Fruit Logistica 2019 trade fair and exhibition in Berlin that they have signed a three year research collaboration. The project will combine leading soil research, digital prediction tools and state-of-the art drip technology by Netafim to develop best practices for using drip irrigation as a delivery system for the Bayer nematicide Velum™ Prime in Israel.

"this collaboration agreement with industry leaders such as Bayer and Netafim is a testimony to the leading position of the Jacob Blaustein institute for desert research of BGU in the field of agriculture" ~ Netta Cohen, CEO of BGN Technologies, israel

Installing Netafim drip system in the Arava desert

Read more >> https://media.bayer.com/baynews/baynews.nsf/ID/D488550EEAD33A39C125839800515A60?OpenDocument

Read on "Netafim"'s website >> https://www.netafim.com/en/news-and-events/news/research-collaboration-bgn/

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