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With our goal in mind, we cultivate our entrepreneurial communities in various fields that are led on a voluntary basis by students - and for students.

YAZAMUT360 gives every community the facilities, help, networking, guidance and connections they need in order to create
the most powerful outcome.

What Is A Community?

After understanding we want to be the gap fillers for the students needs - this program allows every student to come with an initiative to create a hub that focuses on a certain field of interest! That interest doesn’t have to be on the behalf of the curriculum rather than to be something you care about and find interesting. From the point train and participate in their journey to establish the community 


We are not looking for experience, we are focusing on the motivation and the potential every single student has!

Student Clubs

Women Entrepreneurship
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Brain | Technology | Community
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Official BGU Formula SAE Team
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Students for Sustainable Future
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Bio-Innovation Club
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Engineering | Medicine | Entrepreneurship
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Space Gurion
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Marketing Community
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Tikun Olam Makers

Upcoming Events

Passionate About Something?

Want to start your own community? 

Contact us, on any platform, and give us your best pitch!

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